Gemini female and Aries male

gemini Aries: Aries is ruled by Mars, and this usually indicates quick action. Quick to start, quick to stop. With a Gemini, this isn’t too much of a problem. The Gemini intellectual pursuit is fascinating to the Aries. In fact, the Gemini will be fascinating to just about anyone. There will be problems, of course, but all in all, this is a nice combination because the Gemini Air feeds the Aries Fire.

It is a pleasant relationship, and one without too many troubling side effects because of the forgiving nature of the Gemini. Of course, the Gemini will seem to be a little flighty to the Aries, and the Gemini will feel like, from time to time, that the Aries is a bit stuck in a rut. Part of this rut–like feeling is due to the fact the Aries is straightforward (assuming there aren’t any excessive complications in the chart). Now, straightforward is nice, but the Gemini likes to meander on around and gawk at a few things along the way, spend a little time here, and little there.

AriesImagine a shopping trip with these two signs: the Gemini dawdles in the fruit section, looking at the grapes, stops and checks the prices on the cat food even though she doesn’t have a cat (but is thinking about getting one at the moment), and then quickly goes over to the meat department to recall the horror of the production of veal, but looking at the products anyway. Now, the Aries, in the same grocery store, just goes straight for what he is looking for. He doesn’t waste one bit of time considering the artful arrangement of apples in the produce section – that would be a waste of time. To him, the grocery store is a place to procure the basic necessities of food for preparation at home.

Perhaps another allusion is better. Aries is “point and click.” The Gemini can be a little less direct, or, you’ll find, you’re more interested in some of the bright lights along the way, not just the Aries destination.

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