Gemini Female and Capricorn Male

geminiCapricorn: The good news is that the Capricorn is just grounded enough to hold the attention of the Gemini female. The other advantage is that Capricorn’s seem to age in reverse. The older they get, the better they look. The only problem with a Capricorn male is that he’s got a lot of Cardinal energy, and seeing as how Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, there is also a tremendous amount of “karma” involved with this relationship. In popular parlance, the way I like to say it is that there’s definitely a past life connection.

CapricornThe Capricorn male also has a unique sense of humor. While some of the jokes might seem a bit strange to the Gemini female, there will always be that merry little twinkle in his eye. The Cappy guy knows how to have fun, too. And that’s important in this relationship. Often as not, it can seem like there are two overgrown kids here. This makes for a playful relationship, the one problem is that the Capricorn can get set in his ways, and he might not want to deviate from what he’s doing, especially if the relationship impinges on his business time.

Capricorn’s love their money. It’s almost an art form to the Capricorn male, and sometimes the art of the deal is more important than the deal itself. Makes for uninteresting way to relate to each other. When you get around to one those talks about “how do you feel,” remember that a Capricorn guy will try to quantify and qualify everything. It makes it all a much easier load for him to bear. Or, in the case of feelings, it makes it a much easier load for him to bare.

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