Gemini Female and Libra Male



The Scales

I’ve always liked Air and Air together. I’ve liked this combination for a long time. I’ve seen it work. There can be trouble, though, because there’s not a lot of tension here. And without any tension whatsoever, this one just sort of dissolves into a meaningless mess. Mr. Libra has this wonderful intellect that you dearly love. Mr. Libra has this fine taste, and he should taste good, too. Mr. Libra is usually three quarters of what you are looking for in a mate. That’s good news. In baseball, that’s an improbably high bating average. But a relationship isn’t a game of sticks and balls, and it’s not a game played by professionals, either.

That’s where you have to think about this one. It can be good. There can be the wonderful joys that you expect from a relationship with all the little hearts and flowers, dainty little cherubs floating around, all that can be present. I’m just a little worried about what happens when you two hit an impasse. Early on, while you are completely enamored of the Libra, you can be easily swayed by his sweet talk. He can rationalize anything for you. But as the days turn into weeks and weeks turn into years, you get a little worried because some of his talk seems so empty and meaningless at times. He seems to be sidetracked on a particular point. And with typical Gemini impatience, you’re thinking, “Oh just hurry up and say ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ darn it.”

See the problem? After a while, that beautiful Libra veneer will wear out some. And while he’s still an attractive mate, and while he still has the ability to display those qualities you found so attractive at first, sometimes you just wish he would stand up for just one thing. Stick to a story, right or wrong.

The intellectual appeal of a Libra is always there. The physical appeal is always there, too. It’s the backbone that seems to be missing when these two signs get together. That’s a problem.

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