Gemini Female and Scorpio Male

Scorpio: This is a torrid combination, at best. There are several inherent characteristics that will, sooner or later, get under one or the other’s skin. The Scorpio male needs privacy. Demands it. The Gemini female, on the flip side of the relationship equation, needs attention. And needs to feel like she is loved, cherished and held in high esteem, but she also needs a small degree of freedom. That’s where the relationship can fall apart because some Scorpio males are so possessive that they cannot seem to give the little Gemini any freedom of movement. And the little Gemini usually has a few flirtations going on, especially on the side, perhaps a little illicit, but innocent enough.

Regrettably, the Scorpio male won’t take too kindly to this form of entertainment. In fact, it can cause a major problem because the Scorpio won’t let go. Scorpio is a fixed sign, and the angle between a Scorpio Sun and a Gemini Sun is roughly 150 degrees. This is called a Quincunx or Inconjunct. The symbol for this angle is a little right angle with a beam tediously balanced across the top. What this means is that the balance point is hard to achieve, and once it is achieved, it is hard to maintain.

Now, the good news is that the once this balance point is reached, there are many rewards because the relationship can go along quite smoothly. It’s just getting there.

The Scorpio will always want to keep things “the way they were,” and the Gemini will want, more often than not, to have some changes. Sometimes, this change is just for the sake of excitement. Sometimes, it just because. But the fickle nature of the Gemini female needs to exercise a little bit of caution when trying to land a Scorpio for a mate.

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