Gemini Girl and Leo Man


The Leo

Leo: You know my fine little Gemini friend, this one looks good on paper. But you had better steel yourself for what is coming up with this relationship. Next to you, that Leo guy is going to appear like he is quite stuck. Stuck up, stuck in one place, stuck on old ideas, stuck on outdated ideals, just stuck. He just doesn’t seem flexible at all.

To be sure, it has been suggested that a few Gemini’s that I know could use a little stability in their lives. To suggest that it’s a Leo who will provide that stability, well, we are dealing with a Fixed sign. He’s not quite as stubborn as, say a Taurus. Nor is he as set in his ways as say, a Scorpio. But you’ve still got a difficult proposition. Every, without an exception, Gemini girl I’ve ever met has had that ability to change and adapt herself to various situations. You’re going to find that Mr. Leo isn’t so willing to change. He likes a little planning, a little bit of a clear agenda, a map to follow. I’ve seen a Gemini start out with a map, but then I’ve also seen that same Gemini change her mind about what the map says, “Look—this was printed in—last year. I know they have changed these streets around since then.”


Gemini – the Twins

There is an excellent quality about the Royal Sign of Leo. If you are willing to deal with His Highness Himself, and perhaps, even address him as such, you will find that you are well treated. Therein is the good news. But one the Gemini traits I find so endearing is the very fickle nature of your being, and Mr. Leo isn’t going to find that nearly as amusing.

Dining is a fine example. Mr. Leo likes the same food, prepared the same way, every time. He gets locked into a menu item, let’s suggest it’s steak and baked potato, and he likes the same cut of meat, every week, the same way. With my various Gemini friends, I’ve tried everything from the truly exotic and tasty to the mundane. It’s been an adventure. And it’s never quite the same. Always a little different. One time, it was “do you mind if I just order two desserts for dinner?” With me, that wasn’t a problem, in fact the little pastry thing was quite good, [I got to sample.] But with the Leo, that’s not a good idea.

If your Leo is the adventuring type, and if a little bit of routine is good for your lifestyle, then this relationship works well. But most Gemini’s are quickly bored with a Leo. He comes across as a “one trick pony.” I didn’t say he was, but that’s inclined to be the Gemini version of the story.

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