Gemini girl and Sagittarius guy

The Archer Sagittarius

The Archer Sagittarius

Sagittarius: Opposites attract! That’s the simplest way to describe this combination of Gemini female and Sagittarius male. What’s at the heart of this relationship though, has a lot more to do with attraction than opposites because the two signs are very similar. Both are mutable, which means fickle and changeable. Both signs can change the direction and mood of a conversation in nanoseconds. The Gemini female is attracted to the studious nature and unfathomed depths of the Sagittarius soul, too.

The only problem here is that the Gemini can get quickly bored with the Sagittarius male, but then the Gemini woman can get quickly bored with just about anything that doesn’t hold her attention well enough.


Gemini – the Twins

One traditional keyword for the Sagittarius is adventure, and in this relationship, going places and doing things is very important. Just be careful because plans will change at the last minute, too. Unless there are some earth elements to anchor this relationship, the two characters might just drift apart in time because there isn’t anything substantial to hold it together. Herein lies the problem.

But, I will promise that the two mutable signs will remain friends for a lifetime, even if they aren’t always lovers. The Sag males do have tendencies towards a “wandering eye” and this can grate on a Gemini woman because she does need to be the center of attention. But while this might be a problem in a long–term situation, in the short run, this is an excellent relationship. The two signs can compliment each other in fine style.

I have seen 50+ year marriages in this combination. I’ve also seen the marriage itself fall apart quickly, but there’s not a lot of acrimony in there. Something good always happens with this.

“Who loves you, baby?”

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