Gemini girl and Taurus guy

Taurus: A Gemini girl can do worse than a Taurus guy. I’ve watched one couple for a long time, and it is a relationship that can withstand the test of time. But there are a few warnings that go with this, as well. It’s not all a bed of roses. It’s not all sweetness and light. The Taurus male has to learn to adapt to the razor sharp, yet equally insouciant Gemini brain. He has to learn that adapting is everything and just because you said one thing one minute, that doesn’t mean that you’re on for the rest of your life like that.

The term “give and take” means a lot to the fine Gemini specimen of humanity that you are. And the Taurus guy is usually rooted in reality. He enjoys the flights of fancy that the Gemini indulges in, but there’s a strong, rooted quality about him that you’re going to wonder about some times. In essence, you’re going to occasionally wonder if he is stuck in the mud.

He’s not. But it sure feels that way. Sometimes, to borrow heavily on one of my daily metaphors, a relationship looks like a Monster Truck Arena, and you two are there, in the mud, in the bog, slugging it out. You can tell the Gemini truck because it’s tricked out with a lot of high performance parts that might be a little delicate, but certainly can produce high horsepower. And your Gemini truck looks like it’s got the flashiest paint job in the arena. You’ve probably got some extra high tech fuel additive injector turbocharged supercharged thing that makes you hum like a finely tuned machine.

Your Taurus truck, however, doesn’t have near as many flashy parts. No little tricked out items that shoot flames. In fact, he doesn’t turn near the amount of horsepower that you do, either—he has a thing called “torque” instead.

In the biggest and baddest of mud holes, he can pull out slow and steady. This is long after a Gemini truck has gotten bogged down, uselessly spinning her wheels. That’s where your Taurus guy can shine. He can always be there—stable and determined, if you let him.

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