Gemini girls and Gemini boys

Gemini: “How many people are in there, really?” It’s a fair question, and it’s one that I’ve heard from astrology savvy individuals, folks who look at these Gemini and Gemini relationships with wonder. And any one with a smidgen of astrology information will realize that this relationship has enough personalities to put a baseball team together. Maybe a professional football team, too. Let’s just get this out of the way up front, there are more than two sides to any Gemini. And when you get two of them in a romantic relationship, these will surface.

I’m reminded of one of these relationships that is quite successful. On studying their collective charts for a while, I was wondering just what made it click. It’s like waking up every day to a brand new world. Nothing is the same. Everything changes. I didn’t have the personal fortitude to explore the details too much. When I consulted one Gemini expert, though, that person suggested that it worked because the two people shared the same neuroses.

Maybe that’s what makes this click. Maybe there are other things in there that make it click, as well. Perhaps there’s a lunar influence, or, better yet, look at the two Mercury’s. In fact, that’s what kind of car this couple should drive because Mercury is the ruling planet, and it’s going to have a strong influence on it all.

The other point that is important in this relationship is cell–phones. Don’t laugh. There are Luddite Gemini’s who won’t type a single a line of text but these same characters manage to cover whole volumes on the phone. It’s a uniquely Gemini device.

So whatever works with this same sign relationship works because there is a Mercury link. Different signs require different solutions This one works because of the ability to communicate. And for the rest of us, if we run into a Gemini girl with a Gemini guy, just stay out of the way.

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