Gemini Guys

Gemini guys: Gemini, they travel in schools. The old saying, Gemini—being the sign of the twins and all—was two–faced. Not true. Just the multi–faceted Swiss Army knife of the zodiac. Ruled by Mercury, the little winged wonder, the divine package delivery service of the gods. Not usually a good choice for fishing because they can’t seem to sit still plus they never seem to stop talking.

Grocery store: Gemini is (are) ruled by Mercury. Mercury goes around the Sun every 88 days. Get the picture? Fast moving planet, and most Gemini’s tend to be fast moving as well. Imagine a shopping cart with motorized wheels, like a skateboard with an outboard motor on it. The Gemini will flit through the store, looking at everything, but lingering no place in particular. Gemini’s have some mighty strange eating habits. I knew Vegetarian Gemini once, truly a macrobiotic “careful of what you eat, no animal products, nothing with a face” type. What made this person typically Gemini, was, in the heart of “nuts and fruits” (California), this particular Gemini would eat meat. Big, rare, chunks of cow, obviously under done. Now, take this information and go to the grocery store with your Gemini friend. They will look at everything. I mean, everything. Nothing is beyond their intellectual grasp.

Shopping after midnight: One word — exhausting. A Gemini is “hell–on–wheels” when it comes to going into the super discount late night store. Nothing is safe. They will play with the toys in the children’s department, they will take a quick spin through the clothes, maybe try on some shoes, ask questions of the poor late staff people, and keep on going. This place is less of a store and more of a playground. Of course, a Gemini frequently approaches life that way.
Brick wall: Gemini is the original adaptable sign of the zodiac. They will tackle this brick wall with a type, a certain zeal and commitment to making sure that the goal is realized, that the wall is breached. However, in typical Gemini fashion, a fixed obstacle that doesn’t yield immediately to one of the 43 different efforts by the Gemini soon loses the Gemini’s attention. They get bored and wander off in search of other adventures. Of course, they did try more routes to get around that wall than any other sign. One of us might pick up where the Gemini left off and find a good solution.

Bait: Gemini: Jointed Minnow—Nothing works better on the Gemini than a super–long, jointed–minnow. It’s pretty much a top water lure, and the Gemini needs some flexibility. So a lure with some flexibility is needed to make the Gemini happy. But unlike the plastic jobs that are way too “flexible,” the jointed minnow lure is big enough to present the Gemini with a challenge, and it offers enough rigidity that the Gemini will surely stay hooked.

Body part: Arms, hands, lungs.

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