Gemini woman and Aquarius man

Aquarius: This is the second best match in the zodiac, or, at least it can be on paper, but there are few little pointers that you have to watch out for. Remember that both the Gemini female and the Aquarius male are air signs, but the Aquarius male might appear to be a lot more stubborn because he is a fixed air sign as opposed to that wonderful mutable quality found in Gemini land…

The problem has to do with consistency, stability and tenacity. Ms. Gemini, you’ve found what might be a keeper here, but you’re just not too sure about it all. He’s fun, but he’s got a little reserved quality about him. You’re also going to find that he seems to be holding back from time to time. He’s not really holding anything back, not affections, excitement or emotions, he’s just contemplating the nature of this strange thing called “emotions” which as bubbled up inside.

This is supposed to be a four star relationship. But it depends on the individual Aquarius. You’ll find that each Aquarius is an individual, just like every other Aquarius. Personally, I give this relationship a sliding scale rating, depending on his reactions to your needs, and vary with the moment. It’s anywhere from 2 to 4 stars.

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