Gemini Woman and Cancer male

Cancer: The Gemini woman is, at the very heart of this relationship, little girl. Unfortunately, there is some childish qualities associated with her behavior. On the good side, though, and with the multitalented Gemini, there are many good sides, the Gemini can expect and receive a lot of love and adoration from the Cancer male. And her childlike behavior at times can be quite attractive.

The Gemini, more than any other sign, never seems to lose her sense of wonder, and it is this very sense of wonder that turns the Cancer on. Now, there are some problems associated with the Cancer. Not many, but a few. Even though he is a sensitive water sign, he like some other water signs in that he is not always wide open about his feelings. He does have them, and the feelings are quite deep, but he’s not always ready to express these deep emotions. He’s been hurt before, and he’s always looking to get hurt again. The sign for Cancer is the Crab, and the Cancer male operates just like that crab archetype because he’s really hard on the outside, but once you crack him open, underneath the shell, he’s all tender and delicious.

The Cancer guy really is a soft one, on the inside. Watch a crab at the beach one day, note that it can’t (or won’t) walk in a straight line. It does everything sideways. Your Cancer man will be like that. Instead of saying, “Let’s get married,” he’ll say something like, “you know, it would be a lot more convenient, and save money, if we lived under the same roof….” Notice that the end result is much the same. The words, though, are very different. Sideways.

The way to his heart is through food and attention. Cancer men need lots of care and feeding. Although traditionally a nurturing sign, the Cancer needs to be nurtured as much as he nurtures. Cancer men, for a Gemini, are always an excellent catch.

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