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The Fishes

It all depends, is how this combination starts out. There is a side to the Pisces male that intimately, innately and irrevocably appealing to the Gemini woman. There’s that undefined, unknown quality about the Pisces guy that is ever so attractive. Something you can’t quite put your hands on, but something that appeals nonetheless. It’s that unknown quality about that Pisces guy which can hook a Gemini girl almost every time. And that’s the trouble, too.

The basic astrology of the situation isn’t too good. It’s two mutable signs, at a “hard” angle to each other. That would be 90 degrees, and 90 degrees is called a “square.” But there’s nothing square about these two together.

At the heart of just about every Pisces, there is a deeply spiritual being. On the surface, though, this sort of depth is sometimes hidden. That’s the good news and the bad news. 9 times out of 10, the Gemini girl, on a either conscious or subconscious level, detects that spiritual nature. Then it hits her, “This is the one for me.” I hate hearing that phrase in such a hurry. It gets a little scary.

This relationship should proceed like a stop action tape of a flower beginning to bloom. The problem most frequently associated with this tape, though, is that the Gemini is going to get a little (“a little, heck, a lot!”) impatient and want to grab the remote to speed the process up. She’s always ready for the dang thing to hurry up and bloom. But the Pisces is like that flower in the stop action tape, he takes a little bit of time to develop fully. And this relationship can take a little bit of time.

When it works, it works great. When patience, care, and some thorough self–examination is employed, it works very well. The main problem is the hasty attitude of so many of Gemini girls I have encountered. “What, aren’t you done with that yet?”

You can’t hurry love, and you can’t hurry a good thing. If this is one of the relationships that have a lot of fate attached to it, then it will work out. Just take you time. Sometimes the slow dance is the most fun.

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