Gemini woman and Virgo male

geminiVirgo: I like the reverse of this situation because there’s an odd quality to it that works. But a Gemini woman is a different critter from a Gemini guy. A Gemini woman is far more interesting to me, on a daily basis. Regrettably, that quality that I find so highly entertaining about a Gemini woman isn’t the same as what a Virgo guy will find.

VirgoVirgo guys have a certain air about them where they all seem a little detached from reality. You’ve heard the joke about how you get the attention of mule? With a two–by–four? And that’s what you’re sweet Gemini self will feel like doing with the Virgo guy. Sometimes, or so it seems, he just doesn’t get it. Doesn’t much matter what “it” is, perhaps it was the point of the conversation, perhaps it was philosophical or theological message, sometimes it just seems to escape him. It’s doesn’t really escape him, but a Virgo guy has to think about it longer than any two Gemini’s need to think about it. Yes, he can drive you a little mad.

There is that odd quality, and there’s that degree of stability that a Virgo guy can offer you. He can dote on you. Of course, his version of doting might take a slightly different attitude, too. If you can adjust to the Virgo mindset, you can find this one to be rather rewarding. But you have to remember to adjust your wonderful Gemini brains to work with that Virgo’s outlooks.

Both these signs are mutable, but a Gemini female is the most mutable of the all the mutable signs whereas the Virgo guy is the least fickle of all the mutable signs. Both signs are highly Mercurial, seeing as how they are both ruled by Mercury. But it’s a communication Mercury for Gemini and it’s a thinking Mercury for Virgo. He thinks, you talk. He analyzes, you discuss the analysis.

When there is a good meeting, perhaps a little bit of other astrology glue in the chart, this one works. But it’s hard to build a relationship on strictly physical appeal.

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