Gonzo Astrology — I encountered the term “gonzo journalism” sometime back in the late 1970s, and it influenced me enough to call my old racing team, “F & L Racing.” It stood for Fear & Loathing, an obvious allusion to the work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson that has influenced a great deal of what I have encountered.

Now the term, Gonzo Journalism, might have been merely a marketing label applied to certain small branch of writing emerging from a turbulent era of history, but the definition, as I understand it, means “journalism with no perspective on the subject at all.”

I use the term to describe the kind of astrology that I practice. I have a chart. The person that I’m reading for has a chart. The two charts interact, much like a compatibility profile, or a synastry analysis. No two ways about it, either, not to me. I’ve encountered a number of astrologers who all try to remain objective and do deep psychological work with astrology. That’s nice; works for them. The information is certainly there, but this is humanity and most clients are looking for two big questions to be answered: “When will I find a relationship?” and “Will this relationship work out all right?”

What you hold in your hand is a text that attempts to demythologize some arcane astrology stuff and make it all simple. Look, Astrology is a sacred science and a viable art form, practiced for the last couple of millennia, and now it’s up to you to figure a little bit of this out, and how you can make it work for you. Pretty simply put, Astrology is a language, a set of signs and metaphors. How these signs interact is kind of like putting a puzzle together. This text isn’t about some of the arcane subsets of astrology, it isn’t about how the psychological process works. It’s about “Girl meets boy, girl gets boy, girl loses boy” and why that happens. Which ones stick around, which ones don’t, and what are the odds on making it work?

I’ve covered Texas from the New Mexico border to the Deep East Texas Bayous, from Oklahoma to the Gulf Coast and Mexico, and I figure that this includes a fair representation of humanity as we all understand it. Some of my allusions and references are drawn from literature while other sources include day–to–day activities associated with living in Texas.

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