Leo Female and Leo Male

5leoLeo: Same sign relationships have a grand flavor to them. It’s the best of the best, and since we’re dealing with two Leo’s, then it’s the best of the best signs. Good news here. It can work very, very well. But there’s also a little problem with it.

Just who is the mightiest tiger in the jungle?

Build this relationship on mutually trust and admiration, use a lot of flattery, and be prepared to be feel like you are at the center of his universe at all times. And return the admiration and respect. Every time. Or, as the British are fond of saying, “Every effing time.”

This is really, really important. Which one is more vain? Ask him, and he’ll tell you “it’s you.” Ask you, and you’ll explain “it’s him.” While this might sound a like a problem, let’s face a few well–known facts. Leo is the best of the signs of the zodiac. All the good things that come with fire—and—add a degree of stability because it’s a fixed sign? So you really are the best. With all that goodness flowing through your veins, it’s pretty hard not to be a least a little arrogant.

“Oh baby, you’re the greatest and you deserve me because I’m the greatest, next to you…” would be the way I would approach this relationship. To be sure, I was working at an event, a singles party, and two Leo’s got hooked up. As near as I can tell, their collective stars are still burning bright because they get along together so well. Each one considers the other best thing in the world, beside themselves, of course.

It doesn’t sound all that complimentary, but it really does work. I’ve seen this one work in the best of all situations. Don’t forget to be genuine, though, because any Leo can detect that sarcastic, false pretense which sometimes crops up when you say, “Oh baby, you’re the greatest.” Make sure you mean it.

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  • Carl Arasi Jul 6, 2014 @ 15:39

    Just got done reading Leo man & Leo woman.I had to laugh though out the article.You hit the nail on the head!It really is the best of the best!

  • Diane Taylor Aug 9, 2015 @ 23:47

    You made me laugh and yet it all made sense. I am a Leo female

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