Leo Female and Sagittarius guys

The Leo

The Leo

Sagittarius: My fine little Leo girl, you should know better than to try and hook yourself a Sagittarius guy. We’re fun, we make great friends, and there’s certain air about us Sagittarius types that makes us ever so appealing. That’s the good news. In the little astrology primer I’ve used off and on for years, it shows that this is, on paper, a great connection.

Regrettably, there’s usually one foible associated with the magnanimous nature of the Sagittarius guy that stands the potential of really getting in the way of this relationship—a trait which can prevent this relationship being the best that it can be. I mean, when it’s good, it’s quite nice. All that fire and passion, and his constant yearning for new horizons is fun. But every once in awhile, a nice Leo girl wants to take it easy, sit back, and be served like the Queen of the Universe that she is. This is where there’s a problem with Mr. Sagittarius. While he’s good at playing up to you on some occasions, sometimes, he just doesn’t get it.

The Archer Sagittarius

The Archer Sagittarius

There are several men–bashing jokes which would work well here. But the problem is an innate characteristic so often found in the Sagittarius male, it’s a wanderlust, a sense that there’s something really neat, just over yonder. It’s at times like this that the ever so gallant Sagittarius guy expects you to pick up your own luggage and follow him. That’s a nice idea, but the good Leo (and there is no other kind) doesn’t always want to pick up her own luggage. That’s what the porter is for. Call room service, call the bellhop, And at this time, the Sagittarius is already slinging a backpack over his back, and off and running, expecting you to tag along unaided. You have been warned.

It’s a workable combination, but the dear, sweet Leo is occasionally going to feel much put upon by the Sagittarius sense of adventure. Sooner or later, you’re going to feel a sense of desperate angst as you deal with his ennui. It might be his wandering eye on occasion, the way he flirts with the ticket taker, the fact that he was supposed to be home at dinner time, but he ran into an old chum with a bottle of rum… or if he would just get his nose out of that book long enough to pay attention to you.

With some understanding of the creative energy behind both signs, it’s possible to work this one out. But it takes a little bit more creative energy than you’re willing to put up with, on some occasions. Enjoy a Sagittarius for what he is and appreciate his strengths. It’s not going to do much good to belabor the weak points. Not that this should be read as a challenge to a Leo female, but once hooked, a Sagittarius can stay for life. It’s just that so few are ever completely hooked.

“Hey baby, who loves you?”

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