Leo Female and Scorpio Male

Scorpio: I was thinking about a nursery rhyme while I was looking through the files and notes for this relationship. “When she was good, she was very, very good, and when she was bad, she was even better.” This ditty came to mind. This is not an inherently good relationship. But I’ve seen it work well, about 50% of the time. Want to play the odds?

Both signs are fixed signs, and they lay at a 90–degree angle from each other in the giant wheel in the sky. This is not considered a good angle. In fact, this is usually called a bad thing. It does mean that there is an instant attraction here. That’s the good news. But instant physical attraction, and the way the two signs approach this are very different.

A fine Leo woman like yourself does very well when cuddled, coddled and cooed over. What really helps is putting you up on a pedestal. Your Scorpion might not do this—he does do it, he can’t help himself who can’t put you on a pedestal? But he doesn’t tell you that you’re on his pedestal. He doesn’t let you in his little secret about how much he likes you. This is where all the trouble starts. It’s really simple, Leo’s are the most manageable sign in the zodiac, all it takes is a little attention. And if he would just pay attention to you, everything would be okay. What you don’t see, what is really happening, is that he’s looking out of the corner of his eye, in a way you can’t see him, and he’s admiring you.

His surreptitious behavior is not what a Leo needs. She needs, you need, the best treatment possible, at the best of times, in the best of ways. Too bad he doesn’t have the heart to show you how much he cares.

In the best of these relationships, the Leo girl learns to pick up the subtle signs that the Scorpio shows. In the worst, however, the subtly is lost on that fine Leo sense. Too bad, too, because you guys are really the best that there is.

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