Leo Lady and Capricorn Guy

Capricorn: I was sitting in the “hot tub” of a SouthWest Airlines flight, going on a trip the Left Coast, and I found myself sitting across from an old couple that was having some fun, greatly relieved, apparently, to be escaping Texas. It’s a sentiment that I don’t understand myself. After a cup of coffee, I warmed up the conversation a little, and in no time I had learned that they had married an amazing fifty years or so. I was instructing the wife on how she could sneak a cigarette break in the bar area of the El Paso airport because it wasn’t a “no smoking zone” at the time. Of course, strictly in the interest of professional research, I inquired about their birthdays. She was a Leo, and her husband was a retired airline pilot, a Capricorn. “Mighty interesting,” I thought to myself, “the book says it won’t work.”

I wondered what the secret was. It’s very simple, the husband confided in me after his wife went to get that cigarette. “We were just at our class reunion. I told all the guys I got the prettiest one there, and she’s still the prettiest one.”

I’ve gone on at length about how Leo’s thrive under such attention. And for longevity, who can provide a Leo girl with that kind of attention? Only a Capricorn has what it takes to dish it out, day after day, for all those years.

In technical terms, it’s a Leo Fixed Fire and the somewhat tenuous Cardinal Earth of Capricorn. The two together are a good combination. The Fixed/Cardinal combination works rather well. And unlike the concept the that the Earth will extinguish that Fire, the Leo Fire is hard enough to withstand what the earth does to it. In fact, over time, this is a relationship that can grow and prosper. Of course, there was always a little bit of freedom involved, but that Capricorn was still, after 50 years, still very much in love with his Leo.

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