Leo Woman and Aquarius Man

Aquarius: This is one of the oddest combinations—it’s both very good and very bad. Good because, under the right circumstances, it can work out quite well. In an ideal situation, the Leo needs an audience, and, in this ideal situation, the Aquarius represents that ideal audience, always wanting to be there to please the Leo.

In less than ideal situations, though, there can be trouble with this coupling. The basic standoff nature of the Aquarius guy, the mental mensurations and various side–tracked attitudes can be detrimental to this relationship. The Aquarius male can seem cool when he’s supposed to be hot, he can seem to be detached when he’s supposed to act like he cares, and he can be very passionate when he’s supposed to be distant. This creates problems. As long as you understand what it is that is going on with the guy, you’re doing okay. As long as you can tolerate his Aquarius attitude, you’re fine. Trouble starts when you don’t understand what his basic nature is.

The Aquarius guy will challenge what you believe in, not because he doesn’t believe, but because he feels like he must challenge any preconceived notions. He’s a rebel, at heart. In order to win him over, a little distance, a little patience and degree of compassion is necessary. Understand what it is that he’s trying to accomplish. Understand what he’s trying to do. Understand that, oh, never mind. When it works, he’s your natural audience. When it doesn’t work, he’s busy thinking about something—something that you’re feeling sure is something he should be emoting about, not thinking about.

When it’s good, it’s very, very good. When it’s bad, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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