Leo Woman and Aries guy


The Leo

The Leo

The Leo Female is a fine specimen of humanity. So is the Aries male. The good news is that these are two fire signs and that can evoke a great deal of passion.

Problems? I hate to put it this way, most of the problems in this relationship arise from the Leo female in respect (or as we astrologers say, “in aspect”) to the Aries male. You’ve got to understand a little bit more about where he is coming from. Look up the general remarks about the Aries Sun Sign, for starters. Apply some of that to him. He’s stubborn. Okay, so he seems a little headstrong. He’s really not that stubborn, just willful. What you can do is treat him like you would treat a child. Cajole him a little. Console him a little. Act like he’s right.

We both know that you’re the one who is right, but for the sake of appearance, let him think like he is in charge. There’s a good matriarchal model for this found in some of William Faulkner’s literature. In one book, he describes a Southern family that is a matriarchy and is ruled by a bedridden mother figure. This is how your relationship works. You are the seemingly helpless female, and let him come to the rescue. Works very well for you.

In general, all Leo women are princesses, and they all need to be treated as such. And, a truly benevolent ruler runs the kingdom in a manner that lets all the peasant think they matter in the decision making process. So what you want to do is let your Aries man think that it was his idea. It was yours, you and I know that, but he thinks he is helping. This is the easiest way to get along with one of these creatures.

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