Leo Woman and Cancer Male

LeoCancer: Next to a strong Leo woman, a Cancer man can appear to be a weak, effeminate person. This isn’t true, and it’s just a generalization, but I think you get the idea. That sets the tone. It’s like a couple I was observing in Wal–Mart at three in the morning. From his demeanor, I could tell he was a Cancer guy, the face, the clothes, and then, the way he lingered over the food products in the grocery section. The woman, on the other hand, was obviously a Leo. Big hair, big woman, and she was all over him like a cheap suit, which was on sale in another part of the store.

The dynamics, on the outside of this relationship looking in, seem to be that we’ve got a browbeaten Cancer guy and a loud and overbearing Leo woman. Add some cheap polyester clothing, and it could be a nightmare from the East Texas environment I was raised in. But it’s really not. There is a subtle role reversal which takes place in this relationship. Very few signs are willing to adore the Leo for what she really is. Very few signs are willing to give her the complete and undivided attention she requires in a mate. But a Cancer guy is capable of doing just this.

CancerThe trouble starts when he comes across as not really saying what he means. I’m reminded of the time a Cancer friend heard himself tell his woman that he loved her, and he wanted to be with her for the rest of his life. The woman heard a different story, she was listening to him expostulate on how it would be cheaper if the two of them lived together and shared expenses. Same end result, only the words used were entirely different. One was say one thing, and the other ways hearing something else.

Any self–help book will tell you that communication is of paramount importance in relationship. That’s what a Leo female and Cancer male have to work out. It the words used. He likes you. He can look after you. You just have to learn how not to hurt his sensitive feelings. Of course, after watching that couple in the store, I know that they had worked it all out. You should have seen the loving little glances he would sneak here, especially when they were in the underwear section.

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