Leo Woman and Gemini guy

Gemini: You’ve hooked a Gemini? Good for you. Get ready for a ride that can be very pleasing, but get prepared for a ride nonetheless. It’s going to be a wild one. Gemini is known far and wide for their apparently fickle behavior. Don’t say you weren’t warned. To be fair with the Gemini, they certainly don’t feel like a multiple personality, they feel like it’s just one person with many different facets and that’s the core of the problem here.

In order to make this one work, just regard your Gemini boyfriend as an entourage. It’s much easier that way. You’ve finally got your built in audience that deserve. It has the potential to contain a cast of thousands, if you’re patient with him.

Fire needs a certain amount of fuel. One of the main ingredients in a Leo’s fire is the air that a Gemini can supply. One of the problems with this is the fact that the Gemini is a Mutable Air sign. Compare that to the rock steady Fixed Fire sign of Leo. What we’ve got is one who is stable but passionate, that you my fine Leo friend, and then you’ve got an aberrant little satellite floating around you, making noise, stirring things up, soothing things over, and just generally being busy. It is possible to get an occasional quiet Gemini, but that should make your fine Leo senses wonder. Just what is he up to? I’d be worried, too.

Plan on being entertained, but also plan on the Gemini lacking a little bit of follow through when it comes to getting just one task accomplished. You can hear him now, “I was thinking about going for some take out Chinese food, but then I got an idea, I was going to cook, so I got these vegetables at the Farmer’s Market, but then, you know, I was thinking we could go see a movie, and sneak into a second feature and just eat popcorn. What do you think? Ready to go? There’s that new movie showing at the discount place, you know. But I hate the way my feet stick to floor….”

Stop him long enough to store the fresh food. I told you this was an entertaining ride.

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