Leo Woman and Pisces male

Pisces: When I see this one, I’m reminded of a friend. Every time she hears the term “Pisces” she responds with “The Devil’s Lap Dog.”
“Dude! That’s harsh!” said another friend. It’s a brutal expression, and perhaps it’s too hard on the poor Pisces sign in general. I can’t let just one negative experience get in the way of the relationship and romance research. But I do wonder about this one. So far, the numbers aren’t too good. 2 out of 3 don’t do well with this relationship.

Now that you know the odds, are you going to be dissuaded from pursuing this? I hope not. Just understand your target. While a Leo woman is full of fire and passionate energy, the ever–emotional Pisces displays his passion in a different way. He’s less inclined to have obvious outbursts of emotions, but if you hurt his feelings, this is the one who will sit there and quietly leak tears from his expressive eyes. If you’re a sucker for nice eyes, you can beat the odds on this relationship. It can be done. Just understand that your man needs a certain amount of affection. Perhaps it would help if called me, and I explained how a Leo is really an easy woman to get along with as long as you follow the rules.

The guidelines are really simple, and the Pisces guy might agree to this right away. It’s just that sometimes his rather fluid background will get in the way. That’s when the trouble starts. But as long as he regards you as the best thing since sliced bread, and you might have been better than sliced bread, you have a chance.
In traditional astrology, Fire is extinguished by Water. That’s what you need to be careful about. Learn to delineate the difference between emotions, feelings, and passion. The words you use are important. And make sure he understands you’re the greatest thing on the planet. That really helps.

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