Leo Woman and Taurus male

The Leo

The Leo

Taurus: This is one of the weirdest combinations that I’ve ever seen. There’s a single image that comes to mind—and it’s delving into my nebulous academic background. Imagine a kiln, for firing pottery. Take the Fire of the Leo, and the Earth of the Taurus and cook it for a while. The result is a much stronger structure than that limp old clay you started out with. That’s the idea behind this one. If you get all the right ingredients, it’s a very stable relationship, as long as you don’t cook that poor Taurus pottery in the Leo kiln too long.

What’s problems can arise have more to do with two of the very stubbornness of the fixed signs, and when these two clash, it can be bad. Really bad. In fact, it can be like hitting that glaze on the outside of that Taurus pottery you just fired—it shatters and goes everywhere. Worse, that glaze can be strong, after all, it was cured in your heat, and that strength can seem to be impervious to moisture. As we all know, moisture is water, and water represents emotions. Sometimes, you can create a moisture that is an ideal container for your emotional well–being. Other times, it just bounces off.


The Bull

Nothing can irritate a Leo more than being ignored, and that’s where the real troubles start. If you’ve got something else in your collective charts, something that softens him up, or something that lets you get underneath that hardened glaze, then you’ve got enough of what it takes to make it last a long time.

I can’t give reliable statistics on this combination because I don’t have enough of a valid cross section to deal with. I’ve seen it work and I’ve seen it blow up in a spectacular way. It all comes down to learning how to deal with the Fixed versus Fixed problems. And it’s a coin toss away from which sign is the most stubborn. Fixed signs at a hard angle to each other can remarkable charisma. And they can also enjoy a remarkable, almost electric attraction. At the same time, they are also capable of driving each other to the highest, or lowest, of ideals.

Whatever you do with your Taurus guy, don’t start a mud–slinging contest. That’s his medium, and it’s one arena where you might not come out as the clear–cut winner.

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