Leo Woman and Virgo guy

LeoVirgo: The Leo woman is a mighty Lion. And the Virgo male is perfectionist. The best part about this relationship is that the two sign actually compliment each other very well. This is one relationship I have observed up close for a period of time. And it has what it takes to make it long run, too, because the Virgo will accept nothing less than perfection in life. And with a Leo female, that’s what he’s got.

VirgoThere is a high degree of respect here. Now, as the Leo female, you sometimes have a hard time being cognizant of this fact. Sometimes you are not aware of what it is that you are doing that irritates him. You have to know, you have to feel, deep in your heart, that he is truly in love with you, despite his apparently ambivalent attitude. Relax a little and look at some of the small things he does which is befitting your royal nature. Maybe he is too pecuniary to lavish you with diamonds and rubies, but at least he is willing to show this respect that he has for you by little details.

Watch carefully for the clues, the way he opens a door for you, the small gestures he makes, dates which he remembers. Leo is a passionate sign. Virgo is passionate, too, but not in the same way. Don’t let him hold you back from your passion. He needs a degree of nurturing and attention, and the mighty Lion can provide this level of consideration. Since the Leo female requires similar treatment, be willing to give a little bit more, and watch you reap three fold what you put out.

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