Libra female and Capricorn male



Capricorn: Libra and Capricorn, and now you’ve got yourself a Capricorn male, will it work? It can work, despite what traditional sun sign astrology says about you two being a square to each other. The angle between the sun signs is a difficult one, but not without certain attributes which make it work well. The matter at heart is about understanding what you’ve got your hands on, two Cardinal signs.

While a Cardinal sign is lovely with all it’s get up and go, there are certain inherent problems with two them together. These problems include great ideas, but might lack a little follow through. The energy is there, there just isn’t anyone around you actually do the work. The problem with this relationship is that the Capricorn can be a real spoilsport, reacting badly to new situations. It’s not that he doesn’t enjoy the challenge, it’s just that he is an earth sign, and those guys tend to pedal around in a thing called reality. The Libra would never spend too much time there.


The Scales

The other attribute, which makes this an exciting relationship, is the physical attraction. Libra is not called “lovely Libra” for nothing. There will be an aura of physical attraction between these two signs…. just about every time. Makes for a great flavor.

With destiny involved, this is the best of combinations for friendship. And at the very core of every good relationship, especially over the long haul, friendship is an important concept. Fortunately, Ms. Libra, you’re balanced enough to make this work on some level, if not all levels.

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