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The Bull

A loving Libra needs to have some sort of internal examination before jumping off with a Taurus Male. Don’t get me wrong, the Taurus is absolutely a wonderful person, that’s not the issue or the question. And the Taurus can be so sensual in an exciting way. Again, it’s not the issue. The problem here has to do with making decisions. The typical Taurus way of dealing with a problem is to wait for someone else to fix it. And the typical Libra way is to get some one else to fix the problem. And this is the problem, two signs who are not really willing to address the core issue of whatever it is that is going on.

The upside, of this, is that all the trappings that go to make a relationship a good thing, all the day in and day out stuff, the loading of the bass boat, as it were, that all works. The Taurus will know how to enjoy the good things in life, whether that’s music that is usually a favorite, or tasty food, which is another Taurus trait. And, not to slight the Taurus, the guy will probably be a consummate shopper as well.

The problems seem to occur when the Libra, being the Libra that she is, has a tendency to flirt. I’m reminded of one Libra friend, with a large pair of well–formed assets, and she’s ever so amusing. She gets upset, though, when guys don’t notice her, or when they don’t pay her the kind of attention that she really feels like she deserves. It creates problems.

A lot of this relationship is going to depend on how understanding the Taurus guy is. If he’s fairly self–secure, then this isn’t a problem. But if he’s not secure, perhaps this is a young relationship, then there will be trouble, right here in River City.

The Fixed and Cardinal signs seem to share a enough of a common ground that they have what it takes to keep things moving along in a forward motion with a relationship. What any Libra girl needs to make sure she does, or doesn’t do, is to care for the male ego in this situation. Make sure that he feels secure. Stability is very important to a Taurus, and as long as he feels like the relationship is stable, he’ll be able to ply you with the pretty things that you don’t require, but sure do make you feel l good. Good liquor, nice treats, pretty words, all of it is within the grasp of the Taurus, because, after all, he is the consummate sensualist.

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