Libra female and the Scorpio male

LibraScorpio: The reverse of this relationship, Libra Male and Scorpio Female, I’ve studied for my entire lifetime, and I can assure you with good authority that it works. It’s when the tables are turned that we run into as few problems. It’s not quite as nice as the reverse. Doesn’t mean that this is without merit, though, because it does have a lasting quality to it. The vital link in getting these two signs to stay together in this combination is to avoid contests.

Even if it’s just a jest, even if it is as simple as some penny poker, let his Scorpio skill win. To be fair, he will win some of the time anyway, but that’s just the odds of the game. Still, he has to feel like champion. No sign is better suited for letting him feel like the victorious one that his, no sign basks better in his limelight than a Libra.

Occasionally, he’s going to appear sneaky. Get over it. Sometimes, you wonder what he’s really up to. Get over that, too. On occasion, there are some pretty serious questions about behaviors. Ignore his bad actions. Sometimes, you see, a Scorpio has to feel like he’s being sneaky, even if there isn’t anything there.

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