Libra gal and Pisces dude


The Scales

Pisces: With some signs, this is a wonderful combination, exciting each other to new highs. With other signs, there are inborn – on board problems. This is one of those times when there is an inbred problem. I wouldn’t say that it’s an inherently bad combination, but the more I dig through the files, the less I found that works here.

The angle between the two signs is called an “inconjunct” or a “quincunx.” It describes an astrological angle of 150 degrees, which, as I’m sure your fine Libra mind will denote, is an odd angle. The tricky part is balance in this relationship. If you can ever achieve that perfect form of balance, then this one works pretty good. But it’s getting to that perfect point of balance, especially with a Pisces, which creates a problem. In fact, if you do figure out how to get to that balance point for a long–term relationship with this one, let me know. We’ll study it, bottle it, and make a lot of money.


The Fishes

The other question with this relationship is more along the lines of romance. And that’s what this Pisces can be really good for. Removing the long–term love question from this relationship, and looking at it as strictly a romantic interlude, then you’ve got what can be fun. The signs are compatible enough, and when you’re caught up in the heady throes of the first of the heart tugs, then this is great. And there’s no one finer than a Pisces for that romantic interlude.

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