Libra girl and Aquarius guy

Aquarius: Fixed Air (Aquarius) and Cardinal Air (Libra) is an unusual combination. There’s an attraction here, and according to some reference manuals, a good combination. But my dear Libra girl, you have to understand what you are dealing with.

Your Aquarius guy is a rebel at times. Perhaps he’s a rebel with no clue. Perhaps he doesn’t have a just cause at the moment. You might want to provide him with something to fight for. There is a distinct possibility that you two are going to have a nice “meeting of the minds” and as we get older, this appeal is increasingly important. The hassle with an Aquarius is that he has a tendency to run hot when you run cold, he runs away when you want him home, and he thinks about a problem before tackling it.

This might sound a lot like your self, at times. The problem is that you can always expect the unexpected from him. If you are willing to be entertained by such antics, this works exceptionally well. If you’re not willing to let this work for you, then there might be trouble, and you can just give this a pass. It depends on where you are in your own development cycle. I’ve never ceased to be amazed and intrigued by Aquarius people. Always interesting, always entertaining, for me. But then, there’s a touch of Aquarius and a touch of Libra in my chart.

I can easily see, though, that there can be problems when you want to get into the swing of things. Like the time you need a date for a black tie affair, and your Aquarius willing to dress up in his tux, but he also insists on wearing a ratty old pair of cowboy boots, perhaps ones that have been used that afternoon while herding cattle.

On such occasions, you have to celebrate the unique style that every Aquarius has, although, from time to time, he might offend some of your more conventional aesthetics. Enjoy him for what’s he’s worth, though, because he can stick by your side, and he can be the ultimate in dependable if you give him a chance.

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