Libra males

LibraLibra guys: The little generals. Although the sign of the Scales, denoting balance, just about every Libra I’ve encountered is far from balanced. They too, are ruled by Venus, and this is the Venus of Peace and Harmony. They make excellent fishing partners as long as you’re aware they will—politely—question every answer.

Grocery store: I’ve been shopping with enough Libra’s to know that nothing will escape them. But if you’re planning on this being a quick trip to the store, be prepared for a longer lasting event. The Libra will probably peruse the diet foods, the foods with reduced fat, no calories, and other useless group of food. The heart and soul of Libra is caught up in sweet food.

Shopping at midnight: By midnight, the archetypical Libra has had some relaxing times, and has a playful attitude at the super store. Of course, this apparent lackadaisical attitude is not without some side effects that are worthy of note. Bright, shiny objects, whether it is a chrome mud flap girl or the snaps on a new Wrangler shirt seem to attract the Libra attention. Cosmetics, perfumes, the soft feel of a bolt of Rayon cloth, all of this attracts their Libra gaze. Be prepared to spend a little bit of time looking at the objects because shopping with a Libra can be a little agonizing. They have to decide, and making a decision can be hard for a Libra.

Brick wall: Brick walls with Libra’s are fun, particularly if you have warped sense of humor. Face a Libra with a definite binary question. Yes or No. Black or white. “It’s kind of a gray area, really….” In computer terms, it’s either on or it’s off. 1 or 0. “Well, it’s sort of in the middle, you know….” A Libra can see both sides of a problem, and this gives them a chance to render a fair and impartial decision. But in front of that brick wall, the Libra will bounce from foot to foot, thinking, “I’ve got to get over this thing, but you know, some one put this wall here in the first place, and it’s here for a reason, and maybe we shouldn’t tackle it….”

Bait: Minnow with 3-D eyes — This is going to come as a bit of a surprise, but the Libra target fish needs to feel like its bait has soul. And what better way to show soul with the eyes, those little things poets call windows to the soul? When you select a lure for a Libra, be extra careful about color combinations, too. Avoid garish and tacky colors, tending towards delicate shades of blue with silver or golden scales. And eyes, nice eyes, realistic, 3-D eyes.

Body part: Kidneys, ovaries and lower back.

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