Libra woman and Aries male



The Ram

My dear, with an Aries male, you will find that you really have your hands full. The old saw about “opposites attract” is what brought you together in the first place. In this case, I would start by examining the angle between your two Suns, it’s called an opposition, and it is 180 degrees apart from each other. This opposition, though, can work two ways. Rather than call this love at first sight, it might have been an instant dislike based upon a powerful attraction.

The Libra Female will find that there is something really powerfully attractive by the raw animal essence of the Aries male. Granted, he’s childish and immature at times, but the Libra female already knows that this is a common characteristic of most men. But instead of male–bashing, you must realize that this innocence is one of the attributes that attracted you in the first place. The Libra female is much more reserved. And the Aries male will certainly have a take–charge attitude that might help clear up any questions about what direction this romance will take.

It works, and it works well, but it works for the simple reason that both signs are very up front about desires and wishes. Don’t forget that Libra can be a very persuasive sign, and that the Aries like to think that he is in charge. Let him make the decisions, or, at least, let him feel like he is making the decisions. Libra diplomacy is very important in this relationship. When the juice is flowing well along that line which is drawn between these opposite signs, that when things really heat up. Libra air does nothing but fan the Aries flame.

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