Libra woman and Cancer man

Cancer: The Libra Sun Sign Female is face-to-face with the all–time most difficult and complex male there is in the zodiac. The Cancer male is often accused of being moody and introverted. I prefer to call them “deeply introspective” because it sounds nicer. (And hopefully doesn’t get edited out by my Cancer Editor.) Understand what you are dealing with here, with this very complex individual. A Cancer male will feel things very deeply, but until he gets around to coming out of his shell, you might not know what it is that he is feeling.

CancerIn a relationship like this, the Cancer is supposed to be the touchy, feely one, and the Libra is supposed to be the analytical one. This is a Libra Air and Cancer Water at work. So the theory goes.

From the FGS files, what I’ve seen has been a little different. The Libra and Cancer couples seem to have a deeply emotional commitment to each other, but there is always some extenuating circumstance that drives the male away. It’s part of their nature, the Cancer Males, to retreat into their shells from time to time. The whole “Men are from Mars” theory can be exemplified by this. Only in reverse. Of course, I reminded of a time when I spent many long hours with a Cancer Male (not my editor) who was in a lot of emotional pain. We played video games, ran through two rolls of quarters, eat a lot of Tex–Mex cuisine, and generally had a good time of it, but we never addressed the real issue. I got three words out of him about what was actually going on: “It really hurts, man.”

The attraction from a Libra to a Cancer, or the opposite, is somewhat problematic in sun sign astrology. Both Cancer and Libra are Cardinal signs and thus they square each other. This is not always a harmonious angle. But it can work, and fundamentally, at the heart of this relationship, there is a strong attraction. That’s what makes it so important. Can it last? Sure, but do your homework about the sun sign Cancer before embarking on this mission. Remember what the Crab behaves like at the beach: always crawling sideways. Never taking anything straight on. Get the clue? The Cancer Male is going to be the last one to come out and say, “I really love you” even though he might feel it.

Getting past that crab’s shell is the tough part. But like fine dining, once you get past the messy part of cracking the crab’s shell, the tender stuff inside is delicious.

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