Libra woman and Gemini guy

LibraGemini: Libra and Gemini. Okay, you’ve been warned about the Gemini basic make up, right? The whole two–faced thing? And you can hear the Gemini over in the corner crying out, “We’re not two–faced!” which is actually true, but you need to be aware that there is an inherent duality with a Gemini. Just look at the word, the name itself implies plural. Gemini is always best addressed in the royal “we” format. The good news, though, if you can move past the duality within the Gemini, you’ve got yourself a keeper because a Gemini is an air sign. And Libra is, as well, which means that there is an inherent and built in stability factor here: you two like the way the other thinks. Works well, in other words. Works very well.

At least, it works good here on paper.

geminiThe angle between your two signs is called a trine, and in traditional astrology, this is a very good thing, this trine. The real problem with an all air relationship is that there is going to be too much that is unstable. There’s got to be some form of guiding principle with these two signs. Libra is Cardinal sign, which means they like to go charging off in new directions, often at the expense of unfinished business. And Gemini is no better. In order to make these two signs work together, there has to be a spark of mental activity. Something, somewhere has to work. Neurons in the brain have to be transmitting. As long as they are, there is lots of hope for these two. And the Libra female has to understand the essential “flight” characteristic in a Gemini.

The relationship will be forever young and entertaining—that’s for sure.

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