Libra woman and Leo man

LeoLeo: Caught yourself a Leo Male, have you? The mighty king of the jungle has stumbled into your snare and is now struggling? Works good, if you play with your catch just right. Remember what I’ve said about Libra being a manipulative sign. The sign of the Little General? And, being a Cardinal Sign, the Libra female needs to use all of her best energies in keeping this Leo around.

The hopeful news here is that the Leo usually plays right into your hands. And he reacts very well to proper stimulation, which, I must add, is something that you know exactly how to do. Don’t forget that your Leo Male is a fixed a sign, so despite his fiery exterior, he’s still very stubborn. And this stubborn side has some good attributes, like remaining steadfast at your side through thick and thin.

Of course, there are some troubles here, too, with this stupidly stubborn guy, at least from time to time. This is where your wily female Libra charms come in so handy. Don’t be afraid to cower and hide behind the Leo. Nothing he likes more than coming to the rescue. It’s one of his favorite roles. And the more grandiose he can make it, well, that much better for his Leo sensibilities. He is, after the mighty king of the jungle. The Libra attributes which work to hold all of this together are best used by approaching the Leo Male with the expression, “Honey, you’re the greatest one in the world, could you just…..” and insert whatever thankless task you’ve got coming up. Like cleaning out the stables, or shoveling fertilizer. The Leo guy can be easily persuaded, as long as you begin with his greatness. Then everything falls into place.

Leo is the Royal Sign, and Libra is the manager. Behind every great monarch, or so it seems, there is an efficient staff that actually does all the work. Understand that you are the “boss” in this relationship, but also understand that your Leo needs to feel like he’s in charge. With a paradigm like that, you can’t lose!

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