Libra woman and Libra man

Libra: This is a powerful combination, especially the closer together the birthdays are. Sun Conjunct Sun is the technical term. What it means is that relationship will have an excessive amount of Libra energy overflowing from every aspect of where these people touch.

Now here’re the difficulties: we have two generals here. Just who is in command?

I’ve got a couple of friends, a long standing married couple, who are both Libra. I’ve inquired a number of times about the success of the relationship. I know that most Libra folks tend to think that the world revolves around them. It’s the sign of the little general. What happens when one little general meets another? That’s simple, at least in the case of my friends. There is a clear division of labor. He’s the boss at the office. Period. She’s the boss at home. End of discussion.

This way, both the generals have a camp in which they can execute orders. The relationship works quite well just like this. In order to make a Libra and Libra relationship work, the lines of demarcation, the point where one starts and the other starts is necessary. “Who’s the boss?” is not a question that can be tolerated. To get these two to work together, you’ve got firmly establish the diplomatic process, and where the country’s boundaries are. Do this first, and all will be well.

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