Libra woman and Virgo man

Virgo: Loving Libra females will get along with just about anyone in the zodiac. This is due, in part to their kind and forgiving nature. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, of course you guys like anyone. The problems that arise from a Libra female and Virgo male are one of decisions. Neither sign is particularly noted for their decisive ability.

The Virgo male, too, can be quite adventuresome, but you have to get past his Virgo exterior first. The real secret lies in the bedroom. Or the living room. Or even the dining room, wherever the sexual escapades begin. The Virgo male, long tired of being called a Virgin, is usually anything but. Dedicated and monogamous? Certainly. Pernicious? True. Loyal? Of course. Kinky? That’s the secret, but it has to stay behind closed doors.

Whereas other signs have a penchant for exhibitionism, and this includes the Libra, the Virgo male wants to keep it private. Enduring and long lasting, but private. Don’t look for too much public display of affection with this guy. Other Virgo characteristics that are sure to show up include perfectionism and cleanliness. This behavior can make for a bad living arrangement for the Libra. Most Libra females intend to be clean. They might not ever get around to it, but the intention is always there. With Mr. Virgo Male, however, there is more than intention. He is neat and clean. He looks good in a business suit. His hair can be impeccable. And his bathroom is tidy. This exacting behavior can wear thin on the poor Libra female. She is used to action, going doing, and let the maid clean it all up. The Virgo male, however, feels like he IS the maid, and he can be distracted.

This romance is not without some passion, though, and that Virgo kink is fun to explore. Virgo men can be the best at earlobe nibbling and kissing in general. Just don’t lose them in the foreplay.

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  • Brenda Nov 28, 2013 @ 22:41

    I been texting a virgo for quite some time and find that he take his time expressing himself. He seem to be very shy and reserve. What do I think about dis….from a libra woman.

    • LT Jun 4, 2014 @ 21:03

      Good luck I will never date another virgo it’s hard to deal with them being a libra, I will say run change your number they for self

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