Pisces girl and Aries guy

AriesAries: No no no. It will not work. It will never work. You two certainly don’t belong together because, let’s face it, that Aries guy is brash, arrogant, obnoxious, he says a lot of things but means nothing, and he’s basically not any good for you. I’m sure I’ve missed a few points with my sweeping generalizations, but I can’t think of what they are and it doesn’t matter.

That being said, let’s really look at this relationship. I’ve got a couple of examples on file where this does work, in the real world. So maybe some of the old textbooks are wrong. First of all, there is more to a chart than the mere sun sign, and there are some pretty good connections between the Aries and the Pisces. But there is a quality found only in a Pisces fish that can unnerve and bother an Aries ram to no end. It’s that intangible quality, that little “I don’t know” thing that drives an Aries insane.

PiscesTo be sure, when you land an Aries guy, you’ve got your hands full. All that fire is going to show up as passion. Add Aries fire to Pisces Water and you’ve got steam. That’s good. So yes, there is a steamy side to this relationship. The problems begin with the mutable nature of Pisces, that inability to make a decision right away. I’ve always loved a Pisces, so it’s not a problem for me. But for an Aries, there is a point in the decision making process where he is ready for either a yes or a no, and the vacillating Pisces is still being a little coy with her answer. That’s when you have to have a degree of understanding for the male Aries. He doesn’t care if it is right or wrong, he just needs a nod yes, or a maybe a nod no. Something. And subtlety is generally lost on an Aries guy.

What I’ve seen work with these two signs is that the Pisces starts to draw a picture as soon as the Aries asks a question. The answer is forthcoming, in good Pisces time, but the Aries needs a direct approach. So start with phrasing the question back to him, begin working on an answer immediately. Doesn’t matter if it’s the right answer, just get something out and on paper immediately, the sooner the better. Start filling up the canvas of you answer. Start with big brush strokes and begin to fine tune the painting as you go. You might not know, yourself, just where you’re headed, but you’re getting there.

These signs are right next to each in the wheel. That’s good. But the Aries is at the beginning of an evolutionary cycle, and the Pisces is at the end of the cycle. But that doesn’t make you the teacher, although, at times, you’re going to feel like you need to the patience of a teacher in order to get your point across.

Every Aries person I’ve worked with is a sucker for a little bit of affection. Use that concept of affection in order to gain his trust and understanding. You guys might learn something from each other, and that makes this work well.

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