Pisces girl and Cancer guy


The Crab

Cancer: It works. It works well. Its counterpart seems to be stellar. There is a little bit of lore which surrounds the Cancer guy, and it’s best that you back up to some traditional astrology texts and reference this material before you embark on a journey with this guy. Cancer is the sign of the Crab, and like his archetype, he has a tough exterior shell. Some times you feel like he feels like he is retreating from you. I’ve spent many long hours attempting to console Cancer guys. It ain’t pretty. You can see the lines of hurt in their faces, you can almost feel their pain, but not quite. It’s almost like you want to grab one of them, shake him, and suggest that he just “get over it.” My preferred method of consolations usually involves large quantities of cheap Tex–Mex cuisine. Works well around here.

But getting that Cancer guy to get over it is a little difficult. Easier said than done. The term moody is often bantered about concerning these guys. That’s just not fair, and it doesn’t do him justice. He is, however, emotional. But the problem we all face these days is that he’s so in touch with these emotions that he is afraid to let them come to the surface. He’s often afraid to share anything more than a little joy or a little happiness with you. That much he can show you. It’s just that terrible male hurt that he carries like a cross.

As a sensitive Pisces, you can help ease his burden a little. But you’re going to find that this relationship, in the best of situations, will be a little taxing on your system because you’ve got to spend a lot of time coaxing information out of him. And in the worst of times, he just seems to clam up. It’s a good thing every decent Pisces girl I’ve ever encountered is a little psychic because, on a bad hair day, your Cancer guy is going to expect you to intuit what is wrong.

This goes against the basic texts found on the self–help bookshelves. Well, sometimes astrology can answer questions that can’t be answered otherwise. If it looks good, and you’re up to the Cancer taste test, then I suggest you go for it. But try a little homework, first.

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