Pisces girl and Gemini guy

PiscesGemini: So the Pisces female has herself a Gemini guy? What are you two going to do? The Pisces is the one who is further along when it comes to “karmic path” because the sign is the last sign in the zodiac and the Gemini is frequently a much younger sort. And, Gemini men are playful, artistic, and pleasing to the eye.

But do all these qualities make it a long–term relationship? That’s for you to decide.

geminiPisces usually require some degree of stability in their lives in order to have the most successful of relationships. And while I am personally enamored of Gemini’s [many Gemini’s to be precise], I’m not sure that you can share the same long–lasting love for them that I’ve developed. It’s a tough call.

There are some swans on the lake here in town—it looks more like a pond than a lake, really—and these are very graceful creatures. However, there’s a feeding spot where the swans gather to beg food from various people passing by. Here, those graceful critters get downright ugly. They squawk, they bicker and they fight amongst themselves as they jockey for the best position. They go from the personification of grace to the personification of adolescent males. I half way expect to see the swans line up in gang colors some time, too.

That explains the problem with Mr. Gemini, he has a quality which can sometimes shock your system as he switches gears so fast.

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