Pisces girl and Leo guy


The Leo

Leo: This is another one of those questionable relationships. But then, at the risk of sounding rhetorical, in the case with a Pisces woman, isn’t every relationship questionable? Of course it is. Now, this is real simple. Mr. Leo is a Fixed Fire Sign. He’s associated with the fifth House in zodiac talk. He’s a brilliant man. Or a brilliant boy because he will always seem to have that innocent look about him. Especially, when he’s guilty. Then he really looks innocent.

Pisces Girls shouldn’t get hooked up with Leo males because it’s a very fixed sign (Leo) versus a highly emotional sign (Pisces). You feel feelings. Leo guys are passionate. I wasn’t about to suggest that a Leo guy wouldn’t have feelings, in fact, he may profess them to you at great length. That’s part of the appeal. But that’s also part of the problem. While my dear, sweet, kind and gentle Pisces woman is busy emoting, the Leo guy is making a big deal out of those feelings.


The Fishes

Life with a Leo is a wonderful experience, especially is you have some degree of fire that coordinates well with his passion. Then this is a combination that works great. But for the overall appeal, it tends to have a short run because despite many of his great attributes, learning how to be just plain and simply supportive of your motional well–being is hard for a Leo.

If this is a dating scenario, it works out pretty good. But if you are looking for a longer–term commitment, although he is very capable of providing you with a long term promise, the delivery comes up a little short. It’s the nurturing that a Leo usually can’t provide. He’s the Lion, the King, the Grandmaster of all. And sometimes, a Pisces wants to feel like she is the center of the universe, too. There are tricks which prove to be very effective when dealing with a Leo, but you might get a little tired of the game of cat and mouse, especially since it’s your feeling that get used as the mouse most often.

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