Pisces girl and Sagittarius dude


The Archer Sagittarius

The Archer Sagittarius

There will always be one Pisces girl who will automatically assume that this is about her. No, it’s not. But dear, we will always have Paris. That would Paris, Texas, in case you ain’t up on geography these days.

This is one of those relationships that works against the odds. The odds are figured because we’re looking at two fairly flexible sun signs here, two signs that are a little at odds with each other. Two sun signs that make a pejorative angle to each together. And at it’s heart, Mr. Sagittarius tends to be a little on the flaky side. Well, then, so does Miss Pisces. I’m back at looking at these two like they are very good friends, and any relationship should start with that. However, there is still much which needs to be addressed about this relationship.


The Fishes

Mr. “Life should always be an adventure” can sometimes wear a little thin on the kindhearted Pisces soul. And one can only be so spiritual when dealing with acerbic academic redneck fishing types. Not every Sagittarius is like that, but there’s always a hint there is something waiting over there, and that’s innately appealing for a short period of time. In a longer period, though, it’s not nearly as much fun.

On some occasions, the poor Pisces girl is going to have some trouble with the Sagittarius. “Can’t you just go to the grocery store and not make it a foray into the jungle?” she will moan. His constant striving for one more event, one more grandiose gesture, one more trip can drive her a little crazy at times. It is fun, but you can take this being wacky all the time stuff just a little too far. Being a Sagittarius means we are always trying to see what a “little too far” really means.

If any sign is going to have the patience necessary for Sagittarius, it could well be a Pisces. Of course, our antics might wear you out from time to time.

The appeal here, the straight, physical charm of each sign has a profound effect on affections. It can last for a long time. Just remember that Sagittarius guys are usually better friends than anything else.

“Hey baby, who loves you?”

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