Pisces girl and Taurus guy

PiscesTaurus: Let’s look at how a Pisces female will relate to a Taurus guy. See, what we’ve got is the most grounded of fixed signs, after all, Taurus is the Fixed Earth Sign, and the Pisces female is bound to be all emotions which flow just like that water which the element that one would associate with Pisces. In some astrology circles, the comment is that Water and Earth make mud. But here at FGS HQ, we’ve discovered that this can be a good combination.

TaurusThis relationship is not without some troubles. Some of the inherent problems with this combination is the fact that the Taurus is accused of being stubborn. That’s not really the case, although I’ve wasted far too much breath with Taurus individuals about this problem they have, the bit about being stubborn. And the Pisces, being mutable and all, is much more forgiving. The trick is to not let the Taurus wait too long on anything. Given the opportunity, this so–called stubborn streak is more like a guy standing there, saying, “Well, I’m thinking about it.” In other words, he might not be prone to making fast decisions, unless it comes to compromising yourself on a first date. But that’s pretty much a guy thing more than just a Taurus thing.

There is an upside to this relationship. That Fixed Sign thing, that Taurus stability, that Taurus sensuality, all of those factors come into the play. And this side combines well with the Pisces libido. The other attraction is that the Taurus guy will serve as an anchor for the Pisces gal. Something to keep her rooted. Or, something for her roots to grow into, as the case may be.

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