Pisces girl and Virgo guy


The Virgin

Virgo: You know, as a decent Pisces girl, you might just want to ask yourself, “Self, why did I get involved with a Virgo guy?” because, although them Virgo fellers have many fine qualities, some of them finer qualities are going to be lost on a good little Pisces gal. Sounds patronizing, and it is.

Virgo men have this annoying habit of frowning at everything. Even when life is very good, the Virgo male behaves as if there was something wrong, some unidentified problem. Like life’s not perfect enough, even though, a relationship with a Pisces can be perfect.

The appealing characteristic to this relationship is the fact the sun signs oppose each other, and you know how the old saying goes, “opposites attract.” Ever play with magnets? Pull a few off the icebox and try sticking them together. Either they will instantly bond as if they are mated for life (the magnets) or you have to push really hard in order to make them even get close, almost as if they have this natural repellent attitude towards each other.

That’s the classic example of how you get along with a Virgo. Either it’s really, really good, or there will be this instant affinity for hating each other. Another way to look at this mutual loathing for each other is what I call “hate at first sight” which is very much like love at first sight but more along the lines of those magnets which cannot abide being next to each other. Fortunately, both Virgo and Pisces are mutable signs. The bad news is that this means there is liable to be a volatile element at work within this relationship. Can it work? Sure. What’s it going to take? Well, all I can say is that it’s a good thing that Pisces are so forgiving of the rest of us 11 signs….

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