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Pisces guys: Pisces adhere to the highest of standards but when circumstances don’t work out, these guys are the greatest to party with. It was a Pisces who invented the famous slogan, “Beer: it’s not just for breakfast anymore!” Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the star–kissed tuna roll of the sea.

Grocery store: This is the strangest of all the Pisces behaviors –I have had a chance to observe. Imagine this other-worldy sign, suddenly, caught in a moment of panic, or so it seems, rushing, in a very dedicated manner, checking the list, sampling the goods, thumping the cantaloupe and watermelons, then scurrying at a frantic pace, off in another direction. The only explanation I’ve come up with so far is that Pisces is opposite Virgo in the wheel. Now, why would a Virgo side to Pisces suddenly emerge, but only a grocery store? I can’t explain it fully, but there must be some latent Virgo in there, somewhere, and this is the only time it ever seems to exert itself. The normally dreamy, diffident Pisces gets turned into the ultimate shopping assault weapon: Mission, Direction, Control, Seek and Acquire.

Shopping at midnight: Again, first hand experience is the best in a situation like this. After midnight, most Pisces begin to shine. Something about the darkest hours of the night really brings about a subtle change in the Pisces’ body chemistries. I watched as a Pisces entered the Wal-Mart at 2:00 AM with a whole paycheck freshly cashed. Around three hours later, this Pisces emerged with all manner of goodies. Food stuffs, canned soda, some new clothes, a bathing suit, a case of motor oil, some coloring books, new crayons. The list was as disparate and unconnected as possible. What seemed more important, however, was the fact that several hours had passed. It wasn’t just a shopping trip, it was like a trip to the entertainment park. It can be argued that every Pisces has the capacity to be an entertainment park, but that’s just my subjective observation.

Brick wall: When a fixed, immovable object confronts a Pisces, it’s not like it’s any great challenge. Problems and obstacles which provide hours of frustration for a normal sign just don’t seem to bother the Pisces. The Pisces comes up to the brick wall and sort of transmogrifies right through it. I guess it’s like the old Star Trek “Transporter” everything dissolves, and suddenly, the Pisces is on the other side of the wall. How do they do that?

Bait: Mystic Zara Spook—This lure combines the best of all possible combinations for cooking a marvelous trophy – sized Pisces. In order to land this Pisces lunker, a Zara Spook which is just mysterious enough to work. Since this is derived from a classic lure with two hooks, you can be sure that your slippery Pisces stays hooked. Just about any bait will attract a Pisces, but it sometimes takes two hooks to hold them on the line. Of course, the traditional Zara Pooch lures also make excellent earrings.

Body part: Feet.

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