Pisces woman and Scorpio guy



The Scorpio

This is one of my favorite relationships to see. Is it good? It’s usually very, very good. There is about one tenth of the group I’ve looked at where this doesn’t work out. Out of that population, it usually has a lot to do with conflicting Moon signs and various other transits that occur during a normal lifetime. But on a whole, this is a good one.


The Fishes

Water and water isn’t always good, but what I’ve watched with this one is that there’s a special link that seems to develop. Poor old Scorpio guys get picked on for way too much, things like “they’re all so mean and vindictive,” and, “he’s such a control freak.” The terms don’t seem to apply in this relationship. Since both signs are water, there’s a emotional bound that forms between the two. And the Pisces inherits a little bit of the personality traits from the Scorpio. The Scorpio, to flip the metaphor around, also seems to pick up some of the finer Pisces qualities as well. In the long run, as the two get to know each other, it begins to work in truly beautiful way. It’s a pleasure to watch.

There is the one problem about too much water because it can be a place where emotions run too high, a situation where it’s just too much baggage. But even in that scenario, I’ve seen this one work out pretty well. It takes a little bit of time, and I must admit, for all the negative things said about either sign, they are both patient enough to wait this one out. I’ve watched as Pisces girl and a Scorpio guy have waited years before making a commitment. I realize that 10 years may seem like a long for a courtship, but you know, neither the Pisces nor the Scorpio can ever be too careful about these things.

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