Sagittarius female and Aquarius male

The Archer Sagittarius

The Archer Sagittarius

Aquarius: What are you thinking? The reverse of this seems to work rather well; however, this is an unlikely combination for a Sagittarius girl. You’re going to find that Sagittarius girl needs more passion than the average Aquarius guy is willing to give up. That’s the problem in a nutshell. You probably met your Aquarius guy at a poetry reading, or in a bookstore, or at school. If it was a bookstore, it might have been just about any section but the “self–help” shelves. After all, he has a lot going on, and he doesn’t worry about fixing himself. He’s more worried about the ozone layer, or the homeless, or something like that.

He has noble aspirations, but then, you’re Sag and you can share the wonderful dreams. The problem with this combination is that the guy seems to use air as a foundation for his ideas. A Sag girl is rarely considered a voice of reason or a sea of calm, but in this scenario, that’s how you’re likely to feel.


Aquarius The water bearer

There’s one critical element that is often found missing in an Aquarius guy. While this is a generalization, if you’ve got yourself an Aquarius with a lot of air in his chart, passion, as we commonly call it, is going to be an ideal rather than a fact. He may be excited at some times, but he’s more excited about ideas, and he seems to internalize a great deal of passion. I’ve played to an Aquarius audience before: “It’s okay, Kramer, we’re laughing on the inside.” I sort of figured they were applauding on the inside, too.

That’s the trouble with this combination. Like I’ve suggested, it’s not without some merits. Chances are, there’s a degree or two of Aquarius in your Sagittarius chart. That’s what hooked you up in the first place. Or he may have some Sagittarius—like the little planets. It can work, but it’s a weird one. And sooner or later, you are going to explode—he’ll just observe with mild and detached interest. What is it that you are going on about? He understands many things in his acerbic mind. Emotions, though, sometimes leave him befuddled, except, of course, on an intellectual level. There is the odd Aquarius who claims he understands emotions.

Understanding is good, and I’ve always been encouraged by an Aquarius who really is in touch with his feelings. It could happen, sure.

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