Sagittarius female and Cancer male

Cancer: A Sagittarius female and a Cancer guy is, to be sure, a little on the strange side. More than a little strange. There’s something innately appealing about a Cancer guy. He’s coy, reserved at times, usually rather good looking, and there’s more than a hint that there is a depth of emotion hidden in his reserve. But like all tasty crab dishes, there’s bit of work required to dig out the sweet and tender parts. And don’t forget some people are really allergic to shellfish. It’s just something in the chemistry. Doesn’t mean this won’t work, just be a little more careful with both your heart and his tender heart.

On more than one occasion, you’re going to encounter the crab’s shell. This is either good or bad, and that’s really an ambiguous statement. But it does depend on how reactionary you turn out to be. If you can cool your Sagittarius jets for just a minute or two, stop and look at the big picture, you will quickly realize that bouncing your head against his carapace is a fruitless endeavor.

There’s a subtle nuance in the way he tilts his head, a way he looks when he’s sitting at the keyboard, a gentle lilt in his voice, something that you really do like about him. But there’s still a reticence, and that reserved nature of his comes to the forefront again. He is capable of grabbing onto you with a giant crab–like claw, and refusing to let go, too, and that’s another problem. Or asset. Perhaps you want a guy who has the tenacity to hang on. If you can work your own way under that thick shell, you’ll find a good relationship. It’s getting under the shell that takes time. I wouldn’t suggest that all Sagittarius women are impatient, but I’ll suggest your patience will be taxed.

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