Sagittarius female and Libra male


The Scales

Libra: A Sagittarius girl can do much worse than finding and hooking herself a Libra. The Libra male is a good catch, at times, he can be the best. He has a penchant for art and beauty, and I’ve yet to find a Sag girl who just won’t make herself a fool for such things. She’s easily seduced by the love of good food, good wine, and a little bit of the Libra charm. And that Libra guy can come across as quite charming.

The problem with this relationship has to do with depth, not breadth. The passionate Fire of Sagittarius is often fueled by that Libra Air. The problem is that the Sagittarius girl will sometimes look over at the limpid pools of blue (brown, hazel, green—whatever) and wonder if there is anything really back behind the eyes. Is that a brain stem or just the stem of a vegetable? Is there a mental process at work or is there just a vacancy sign? Does he really interact with me, or does he just mimic back answers? “Do you think I just mimic stuff back to you?”

sagThe balance of the question, and the answer, has to be fair to the Libra. Yes, there’s really a depth in there, but sometimes he does come across as shallow. He’s not, but he can be busy weighing some of the heavier parts of the conversation. Or he’s worried about a tactful way to tell you some of the spinach enchilada is still stuck to your teeth. Being A Sag girl, the blunt answer works. Being a Libra guy, the blunt answer is not artful enough.

Tap some of his passion. Tap some of his desire. Tap into that brain, the mental process, and see what happens. He’s in awe of your depth of feeling, and he can respond to it. He just worries a little bit about such an open display of affection. I mean, he’s affectionate and all, but the overt stuff can scare him at times. The Libra tends to come off as a little reserved at all times whereas the Sag girl, in my limited experience, is all emotions all the time. Usually upbeat and positive, even in the face of insurmountable odds, but it’s out there. Mr. Libra Nice Guy can appear cool and calm.

The angle between the signs is called a sextile. The tighter this is, the better the angle is, and then the better the relationship. As long as you’re involved with a Libra, plan on being a little more decisive than usual.

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