Sagittarius woman and Gemini guy


Gemini – the Twins

Gemini: The reverse of this one, a girl Gemini and a Sag guy is great. Somewhere, though, in my files, when I look at the reverse of this, with Sagittarius woman and a Gemini guy, it just doesn’t seem to work as well. To be sure, if it does work, then it’s just like it is supposed to be, what with all the Sagittarius fire being fueled by the Gemini air. Sure. Works well.

The problems that I’ve seen crop up time and again have more to do with the inherent unstable nature of the Gemini guy opposed by the Sagittarius Sun of the female. No male bashing jokes here, but at times, my fine Sagittarius girl is going to feel like telling a few. And the jokes might be a little too painful or a little too close to home for his tastes.

What causes the friction, from what I’ve been able to determine, is that the Sagittarius woman needs a little more than the Gemini guy is willing to give, all the time. Not some of the time. There are days when that Gemini is the most adorable person in the world. There are other times, when he does his Gemini thing, and you are just beside yourself with impatience. In fact, you’re going to find your sweet Sagittarius self muttering, “Oh just grow up.” Imagine the irony of a Sagittarius telling someone to grow up? It’s the ultimate in contradictions. But on occasion, you’re going to find that’s the very comment you make.

Enjoy your Gemini for what he’s worth. Fun loving, intellectually stimulating, a real life of the party most of the time, a nice guy a lot of the time, a childish love of fun which works well with your childlike glee. Wait, there’s the problem. That Gemini guy is going to be acting childish whereas a good Sagittarius girl has a childlike way of looking at things. It’s a small difference, a nuance in the words, but in this case, it’s important.

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